With beautiful landscapes to cycle through, a range of parks and plenty of places for outdoor adventures, there are many activities to suit the whole family around Chablis. Here are some of the highlights found in the local area.

Say Hi to our animal friends

  • At 5 minutes walk, at the end of our Street in direction of the camping, turn right on street 'les Roches' and 300 meters later you will see our Donkey friends. They love carrots!
  • At 5 minutes walk, behind William Fèvre Oberwesel Winery on avenue d'Oberwesel, turn right and go say hi to 3 donkeys, 4 goats, 6 sheep and 8 gooses! Be aware of the geese! 


Chablis has a green park where a playground and picnic tables allow you to spend a pleasant time with the family at the water's edge. 
The Parc de la Liberté which is located at the end of avenue Jean Jaurès, which is 2 minutes on foot from the house.

Petit Train Touristique of Chablis

Visit Chablis in a different way with the Petit Train Touristique de Chablis. On the programme: a 45-minute guided tour of the historic centre of Chablis and its world-famous vineyards.

See a Medieval Château being recreated

Around 66km west of Chablis is Guédelon, a unique construction site. Since 1997, a team of 40 master-builders have been recreating a castle using only materials and methods that were available during the medieval period. Tour the site, chat with craftspeople or take part in a stone carving workshop, and leave with a fascinating sense of what life was like in the Middle Ages.

Tree Climbing

Around 20 km west of Chablis, discover the Thureau Adventure Park in the Thureau forest in Auxerre : an original and safe activity for you and your children.

Explore more Châteaux

  • Château de St Fargeau : Attend the Saint-Fargeau show during the summer (The show takes place every Friday and Saturday evening from July 12 to August 24, 2024), involving more than 600 actors and 60 horsemen. This is one of the best pageants in Europe.
    At night by candlelight, come and relive the history of the Château.
    Don't miss the educational farm of the Château. There you will discover farm animals roaming free (cattle, calves, chickens, pigs, ducks, geese, etc.). Many activities are offered (grooming and pony rides, animal care, feeding of newborns, lighting of the forge, harnessing of the draft horse, baking bread over a wood fire, milking goats, etc.).
  • Chateau de Tanlay
  • Château de Ancy-le-Franc

Explore the caves

Around 33km south of Chablis are les Grottes d’Arcy, with cave paintings believed to be 28,000 years old.